Zacheriah Daniel Peddy

Born:  March 18, 1999




Hi there - My name is Zacheriah, but I liked to be called Zach.  Zacheriah is the name my mommy uses when she is mad at me - actually she calls me ZACHERIAH DANIEL PEDDY real loud.  I will be 4 years old on March 18th and expect lot's of presents with cake and ice cream - marshmallow Ice cream (rocky road). . .it's my favorite!

I have a younger brother Jacob who is 1.5 years old.  Jacob loves me and always has to play with my toys no matter what it is. Sometimes I don't mind sharing with him but it gets real tough when everything I have he always wants - so it gives me no chance to play with anything by myself unless he is sleeping - and if you know Jacob HE NEVER SLEEPS.  Mommy and Daddy call him Hyper Diaper on account that he is always on the go.  He is real funny to watch sometimes - even I laugh at how he bounces off the walls.  I love my brother - I told my mommy to type that - and I know it warms my mommy's heart when we play nice together.  Sometimes I really like sharing with Jacob because he's a pretty cool brother and I like making him laugh.

I have another baby brother on the way - now I know I won't get to play with any of my toys!!!  Actually I am pretty excited.  I listen and talk to my mommy's belly so that when he comes out he will know my voice.  I get really upset with him though when he kicks mommy's belly because it hurts her, so I tell him to stop kicking mommy's belly it seems like all the time.

I go to Our Redeemer Christian  Pre-School and really like my teacher Mrs. Hegan.  I play with all my friends and already have a girlfriend - Matea is her name.  I gave her a flower the other day and she said "Thanks Zach" so I know she likes me!  Mommy says girls love flowers.  I make all kinds of things in school - like one day I made a heart that my daddy really liked on account that it was on his birthday that I gave it to him.  His Birthday is on Valentines day ya' know.  He has the heart on his wall next to his desk.

Mommy asked me to list my favorite things so here they are:

Singing with my mommy

Watch my favorite cartoon - SpongeBob Squarepants

Reading books when it's bed time - especially Clifford

Mommy, Daddy, Jacob and soon to be little brother Ryan

airplanes - mostly military ones like the B-17 Bomber

boom-booms (mommy doesn't like them though)

Police Men in Cop cars - I want to be a Police Officer

Playing Battletank with my Daddy on his/my computer

My collection of cars

Popsicles - the cherry is the best

Playing with Play-Doh

Peanut Butter and Jelly Samiches with chocolate milk


and my most absolute favorite:

The Blanket my Oma made for me.  Thanks Oma, I have it with me every second of the day and NEVER leave home without it!


I say my prayers before my meals - sometimes my mommy forgets and I have to remind her.  I say them before I go to sleep as well thanking God for all the wonderful things he gives me and the wonderful people in my life -  like my family.



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