Week 35:  The Birthday Boy

Well another year has stolen my dear sweet Zach away.  He is now four years old and let me just tell you this - he knows it!  The other night when I was getting ready to read him some books before going night-night he said "mommy, I don't need a bottle of milk because I am older now and those are for babies" - ok, yes I was giving him a "bottle" of milk at night only because I know it made it easier for him to sleep - Or maybe it was because I really didn't want him to grow any older. . .maybe I like the baby Zachy. . .oh heck - I just didn't want to hear him whine about having what he wanted. . ok there!!!

For his Birthday I wanted to make sure that all of his friends were able to show up  - and they were so Zach had a really good time playing with everyone.  I actually think it was a bit overwhelming for him for the simple matter that when everyone was done with eating their cake and ice cream, they all got up and went in the playroom to relieve some of the built up energy that 4 year olds have - or maybe the cake gave them that Superman rush because let me tell you. . .they were buzzin' around here like bees looking for honey.  In any case, while his friends were playing, Zach sort of just sat on his chair with a gazed look on his face.  "Was he tired" I thought to myself, or just plum didn't know what to do next?  I wasn't sure if I wanted to interrupt his thoughts, he looked so deeply involved in them - or just let him ponder in his head what sort of activity he was going to engage himself in and with whom.  So I did just that - I let him ponder on his own and gave him his space.  Even 4 year olds need their space and if Zach is anything like mommy - he needs lot's of space to think.

After a few brain cells later, Zach got up off the table and continued to run around the house acting as if he were the leader of some army - at 4 he is already controlling.  I know what he was doing while sitting there on the table, he was devising a plan to get everyone to follow him, and when you get toy weapons and boys together, you know it means war!!!  After tackling some battles between soldiers and reminding Zach what it means to share, I told the kids that it was present ripping time.  So we all sat on the floor (yes even I got my jolly old belly down on the ground to enjoy Zach's happy moment) and watched as the "New" 4 year old ripped through all the cool stuff.

While the kiddies were burning up some more hidden fuel (I swear they have it stored up) the mothers sat around and talked while enjoying some relief time.  Of coarse what do you think we talked about? You got it. . .KIDS!  You can't escape them - they are always around in our sight and in our thoughts - from morning to night, even when we are sleeping - it's  all about KIDS!!!  But you know what, I wouldn't have it any other way!!!

Soon the troops were engaging in battle, but this time they were engaged in the "mommy zone" - that would be the kitchen!