Week 36:  Just a Few Weeks Away

Well, my brain must be sending those "ready" signals to the proper receptors in my body, because at night I am awakened by familiar dull aches in my lower belly. Sometimes when it happens it is so late at night that I can't help but just lay there listening to Dan snore like a bear while Jacob is in the back ground tossing and turning while sucking on his pacifier - it's adoring to listen to Jacob sleep, but Dan's snoring is a whole other story.  If dreaming of ways to hurt your husband while snoring in his sleep was a crime, then I would surely be in jail at this very moment. Elbows don't work and turning him on his other side has failed miserably, so what do I do?, I climb into bed with Zach who has possibly the most comfy bed and get maybe a good hour or two of sleep. (I am hoping Zach doesn't get used to his mommy sleeping with him because that wouldn't be good for sharing day at school.)  I am just hoping that my sleeping patterns return shortly after this baby is here or Dan decides to start sleeping on his belly to reduce the sound of elephants running through our bedroom.

Aside from sleep deprivation - I can't help but try and think back to how life was before Jacob, when it was just Dan, myself and Zach.  Back then I only had one little person to play with, hold and love and now in three (hopefully less) weeks I will have 3 boys to smother, (or maybe it will be the other way around - they will smother me) pinch and spank while yelling "stop hitting your brother."  My, how times quickly change.  It's rather funny to hear peoples answers when you ask them if they are ready to have children and they come back with "when we are financially ready for children we will have them" well to those people I say "it's not weather you are financially ready for children, yet when you are mentally ready for children is when you should consider it."  Life with Zach back then as an only child was a breeze compared to what Dan and I are in store for, but as time "painfully" nears towards our due date, I can honestly say that for the first time since taking that pregnancy test in the Dr. office I am ready!

Dealing with the WAR
Since the day WAR started, Dan and I have taken turns being depressed, enraged, testy, sad, worried about friends and relatives (thankfully, everyone is safe), and grateful for our family's safety thus far. Zach and Jacob, meanwhile, have taken turns being happy, angry, boisterous, whiny, and effusive. In other words, they are being their normal selves.

Although we have the news on a lot, the boys don't seem to notice the doomsday images that fill the screen, or pick up on the somber tone of the newscasters' voices. Sometimes, though, they get annoyed (especially Jacob) at our distraction and breaks our television trance by reaching up and pushing the TV's "off" button. "I don't want to watch this, Mommy," Zach demands, "I want to watch cartoons." And Jacob, he hands us his blanket, grabs our hand and you just can't help but tear yourself away from the horrible mess of WAR on TV to follow him.

Frankly, the boys have kept us sane. Because of them we've been forced to keep up a somewhat normal routine.  Still, our days have the familiar and reassuring rhythm of breakfast (a difficult task every time), playtime, lunch, nap, snack, playtime, dinner, bath, and bed. So, despite the news, the boys, Dan and myself happily await the wonderful miracle that life has to offer. . .even WAR or any president can't take that away from us!