Week37:  The Home Stretch

I am going to be honest and say that it is truly a miracle that I am even sitting at this computer updating my Baby Journal, or even better yet, that I am sitting at all period!  For those of you who know what Hemorrhoids are when you are pregnant then you know what I am talking about when I say it's like sitting on a little balloon (that is connected to your rectum) that is at it's fullest expansion ready to explode. . .did I mention that they itch like crazy?  Yes, folks, I will survive this ordeal and it is very common in pregnant women - but haven't I suffered enough through this pregnancy that now I have to deal with these pesky unwanted ruptured blood vessels?  You try walking through the store with an intense itch on a private spot of your body and no where to hide to relieve yourself - or rather the ITCH!

So we visited the Doctor this week and to my amazement she tells us that we are three weeks away from the delivery date but to not count on three weeks, rather two or one week because we are already at 3cm of dilation (some women would kill to be where I am as far as dilation is concerned.)  I said "the sooner the better - so baby number 3. . .common' down."  When she told me this news I saw a light at the end of the tunnel and looked at Jacob who was ready to leave (he fears the word Dr. for some reason) and it hit me - I was about to have a third child.

As the Doctor suggested going to the Hospital this week to register for delivery (you would think that having my Doctors office in the Hospital they would already be warned of my delivery)  I realized I would soon be laying on one of those beds bearing down with my legs up in the air open for the whole world to see while yelling at Dan "quit telling me to breath through the contractions, just get him out."  If you all knew my reaction to Zach's birth you would know what I'm talking about!  Actually, those rooms assigned to the Birthing Mothers are quite pleasant and spreading my legs in front of the world (so it seems) is a small price to pay for the outcome we will receive.

Truth be told, I am looking forward to the hospital bed and the peace and quiet - so to speak. I know what you are thinking ... "peace and quiet, with a new born and nurses coming in and out to check on you and poking you with needles?" but in reality, it will be a blissful 2 days of looking at my new baby boy (name yet to be determined) and trying to determine who he resembles more, Dan or myself ... these days hopefully Dan because I feel/look like a train wreck that's been sitting in the train station for too long awaiting a good clean - at least my parts still work ...ya' think?

Zach's participation or lack there of

There was a time where Zach would lift up my shirt while I was sitting and endearingly smother my belly with kisses for the baby brother that was to arrive very soon.  He would talk to him and even rest his head on my belly hoping to hear his heart beat ... a stethoscope works wonders for that. But things have changed lately, truth is, maybe the idea of a baby, without an actual physical being there to engage him, is still too abstract for Zach. He loves imaginary play now, but it always involves something that he can manipulate with his hands, like his army guys and tanks as well as his dinosaurs that he plays out Jurassic Park where he is "Alan the Dinosaurs Man." Given the physical abuse that his toys endure, I suppose I should hope that Zach continues to ignore his baby brother once he's home ... I know he will be a good little/BIG helper once baby brother gets here, but for now I feel guilty because I know what lies ahead ... a lot of IOU's to Big Brother Zach.